Golf Courses Near St Albert

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Golf Courses Near St Albert

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Golf is a favorite game among Canadians, especially in the city of St. Albert. You will find golf courses and driving ranges in St. Albert where you can have a much enjoyable time with your friends and family.

To provide the best golfing in St. Albert, golf clubs have brought technological innovation to the golf course as well. We at Cattail Crossing Golf and Winter Club can give you a greater St. Albert golfing experience by bringing both realms of golf play into one place.

Comparison Between Virtual Golf And Golf Tournament

Our golf courses St. Albert is designed to let you enjoy both conventional and virtual golf games. Where you can play golf in a traditional style in our 18-hole courses of open field, you can also enjoy your game during harsh weather on our indoor golf simulator.

Although the main idea behind these two sorts of golf is pretty the same, there is a slight edge of difference associated with them.

Playing Environment:

Traditional golf is played on green grass, in a surrounding that helps you feel fresh and let you enjoy every bit of the play. Certain factors may affect your game such as high wind and harsh weather, but this only contributes to polishing your skills.

On contrary, virtual golf is played indoors on a simulator. Playing golf virtually allows you to hit shorts without worrying about natural factors and practice basic golf skills without difficulty.

The Right Feel:

Golf is all about the right feel. For a first-time golf player, this may be a confusing thought to grab, but when you are on the golf course, you visualize your target, consider the factors that may affect your hit, and the peaceful environment around you all give you the real feel of the game.

On a simulator, you may be able to hit the right short, but you won’t get the feel and knowledge of playing golf professionally.

Putting And Chipping:

Putting and chipping are smooth on the traditional golf course. To hit the perfect shot, you have put every factor in your perspective, including the slope, the grass texture, the distance of the hit, and the atmosphere around you.

Playing golf indoor on the simulator limits your depth perception. Due to the lack of visual understanding of your goal, it becomes difficult to judge the distance.

Play Anytime:

When you are playing on the golf course, you have to wait in groups, find the ball if you hit the wrong shot, and have to finish the 18-course game. With a golf simulator, you can play as many golf games as you like and finish the game quickly. Besides, you also get the advantage of playing golf game any time that suits you.

Enjoy St. Alberta golf with our Trackman Golf simulator or book a tee-time to play a golf tournament in our wide fairways. Having our golf courses near St. Albert allows you to have unlimited fun and refine your golf skills.

Contact Cattail Golf Crossing Golf and Winter Club to learn more at 587-672-0173.