Sturgeon County Golf Course

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Golf Courses In Sturgeon County

For all those living in Sturgeon County, and passionate about a stress-relieving family game like Golf, we are sure you must have heard about Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club, which offers the best golfing in Sturgeon County. We are one of the most popular Golf courses and driving ranges in Sturgeon County and have garnered a huge member base for our Sturgeon County golfing. Our club, however, is not just the perfect place for families interested in gold. Our picturesque club, located in just the right spot of Sturgeon County, has so much more to offer than our world-class Sturgeon County golf course.

At Cattail Crossing, we are all about providing the best experience to our customers, and the huge range of activities, opportunities, and events that we offer for our members, reflects our aim. Our wide range of activities offered and the great events that we cater at our club make us stand out amongst the other golf courses sturgeon county and it is due to our continuous hard work, yearn to expand, and we seek for greatest member satisfaction, that today we are one of the most renowned golf courses near Sturgeon County.

List Of Services And Activities That We Offer Other Than Our Best-featured Golf Course:

1) Virtual golf:

Our virtual golf activity ensures that our members can play golf all year long, no matter what season it is. We use state-of-the-art technology and golf stimulators that make our member’s experience of playing virtual golf as exciting, adventurous, and satisfying as the real one. Our virtual golf rooms create the same impression as the one you’ll find on a live golf field, and our members can play in it with their competitors, family, and friends.

2) Winter Activities:

We are well aware of how snow-filled winters at Sturgeon County act as a barrier against having a fun-filled afternoon, hence we offer a wide range of winter activities that our members can enjoy on our club premises to have the best winter experience. We offer several winter activities in the comfort of our resort. Such as skiing, ice skating, hockey, polar dip, an ice bar loaded with all sorts of drinks, snowshoeing, a waterside campfire, and sleigh rides.

3) Clubhouse restaurant:

Located inside our gold course clubhouse, is the out-of-bounds restaurant, that serves the most wholesome, healthy, scrumptious, and very delicious meals for all our members. This restaurant is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy a good meal after having a fun-filled day at our club.

4) Leagues:

 We also keep regular league challenges at our club for all categories, from kids to adult men and women so that everyone can turn on their competitive side in good spirits and have a memorable day enjoying their favorite sport.

5) Cater Events:

We offer our club premises to our members for corporate or private events. They can book our golf course or other activities for their guests and party in style!

Contact Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club to learn more about the best club in town at (587) 672-0173.