Aimpoint Putting: What Is It & Does It Actually Work?

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AimPoint putting is a technique utilized in golf to enhance putting skills by comprehending the velocity and physics of putting. It is designed to decrease strokes and prevent three putts, thus improving golfers’ scores. AimPoint employs a consistent routine that fosters comfort and confidence, and its effectiveness is attested by prominent players such as Adam Scott.

This method is permissible in both informal rounds and competitive tournaments, appealing to a diverse range of golfers, including amateurs, junior golfers, Tour Pros, and Instructors. Distinguishing itself from the plumb bob approach, AimPoint offers a distinctive approach to green reading by utilizing fingers and feet. Consequently, golfers who struggle with reading greens can benefit from this technique.

Moreover, AimPoint assists in aligning the ball correctly, thereby enhancing the likelihood of successful putts. Notably, it can be effortlessly integrated into existing putting routines without necessitating the abandonment of established practices. The cost of AimPoint lessons varies depending on the instructor.

In this article, we will explore the nature of AimPoint putting, examining its effectiveness and applicability.

What is AimPoint Putting?

AimPoint Putting is a green reading system that utilizes the fingers and feet to determine the slope and break of a putt, allowing golfers to make more informed decisions and improve their putting performance. By using a technique known as ‘finger mapping,’ golfers can feel the slope of the green and identify the direction and degree of break. This method provides a systematic approach to green reading, which can lead to more accurate putting.

One of the pros of AimPoint Putting is its ability to provide a repeatable routine for comfort and confidence on the greens. Additionally, it has been trusted and used by top players, such as Adam Scott.

However, there are also cons to consider. The learning process for AimPoint techniques can be time-consuming and requires practice to master. Furthermore, obtaining AimPoint certification can be costly.

Overall, AimPoint Putting offers golfers a scientific approach to green reading that can improve putting accuracy. While it may have some drawbacks, its effectiveness is demonstrated by the success of professional golfers who utilize this system.

Benefits and Advantages

One notable advantage of utilizing the AimPoint technique is its ability to enhance golfers’ decision-making skills, allowing them to make more informed choices when it comes to green reading and subsequent putting strokes.

This improved putting technique not only lowers scores but also boosts confidence on the greens. AimPoint is trusted by professionals, including top players like Adam Scott, who rely on its accuracy and effectiveness.

By accurately reading the slope and break of the green, golfers can avoid three putts and improve their overall putting performance.

The technique provides a repeatable routine that instills comfort and confidence in golfers, leading to more successful putts.

With AimPoint, golfers can start the ball on the right line, resulting in improved accuracy and greater success on the greens.

Usage and Legality

The usage and legality of the AimPoint technique have been widely accepted in both casual rounds and competitive events, with a significant number of amateurs, junior golfers, tour professionals, and instructors incorporating it into their putting routines.

AimPoint putting is legal in all forms of golf competitions, allowing players to utilize this technique to enhance their putting skills and improve their scores.

It is important to note that AimPoint is not the same as the plumb bob method, as it offers a more scientific approach to reading greens.

This technique has also proven to be beneficial for junior golfers and struggling green readers, providing them with a systematic method to accurately read and interpret the greens.

Moreover, it has gained popularity among amateurs, who are seeking to improve their putting consistency and make more successful putts using the principles of AimPoint.

Green Reading with AimPoint

of greens

  • Enhanced ability to start the ball on the right line
  • Improved success rate on the greens

Integration with Existing Routines

Integrating the AimPoint technique into existing putting routines offers golfers a valuable opportunity to enhance their decision-making process and improve their overall putting performance. By incorporating AimPoint into their pre-shot routine, golfers can establish a repeatable routine that provides comfort and confidence on the greens.

This technique allows players to accurately read the slope and break of the green, enabling them to make better decisions and reduce strokes. The integration of AimPoint does not eliminate the need for a pre-shot routine; instead, it can be seamlessly added to existing routines.

By starting the ball on the right line, golfers increase their chances of successful putts. The table below summarizes the key benefits of integrating AimPoint into existing putting routines.

Benefits of Integrating AimPoint
Enhances decision-making process
Increases comfort and confidence
Provides a repeatable routine
Reduces strokes
Improves overall putting performance

Effectiveness and Success

In the previous subtopic, we discussed the integration of AimPoint putting with existing routines. Now, let’s delve into the effectiveness and success of this putting technique.

AimPoint has gained recognition for its ability to improve green reading and, ultimately, increase the success rate of putts. Tour professionals, including Adam Scott, have embraced AimPoint and attribute their success to its implementation.

By accurately reading the greens with the aid of the AimPoint method, players can confidently align their putts and determine the optimal speed for each stroke. This technique ensures the ball is started on the right line, leading to more successful putts.

The effectiveness of AimPoint lies in its ability to provide a systematic approach to reading greens, enhancing a player’s overall putting performance.

  • Accurate green reading
  • Consistent ball alignment
  • Optimal putt speed
  • Increased success rate of putts
  • Trusted by tour professionals

Cost and Availability

Cost and availability of AimPoint lessons vary depending on the instructor, making it accessible to golfers of different budgets and skill levels. Pricing options can range from a single session to a package deal that includes multiple lessons. Additionally, finding a certified instructor is crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable instruction.

AimPoint offers an online directory where golfers can search for certified instructors in their area. This ensures that golfers are receiving instruction from professionals who have been trained in the AimPoint system. For those who prefer to learn at their own pace, there are also online resources available, such as tutorials and videos, which provide a cost-effective alternative to in-person lessons.

Overall, the cost and availability of AimPoint lessons cater to a wide range of golfers, making it an accessible and effective method for improving putting skills.

Pricing OptionsFinding a Certified Instructor
Single sessionAimPoint online directory
Package dealsLocal golf clubs
Online resourcesProfessional websites

Overall Assessment

When evaluating the effectiveness of AimPoint putting, it becomes evident that this method offers golfers a comprehensive and reliable system for improving their green reading skills and ultimately enhancing their overall putting performance.

AimPoint provides a unique approach to green reading, utilizing the fingers and feet to accurately determine the slope and break of a putt. Many users have reported significant improvements in their ability to read greens and make more confident and accurate putting decisions.

However, it is important to note that there is a learning curve associated with mastering the AimPoint method, and it may take some time and practice before golfers can fully benefit from it. Additionally, while AimPoint is highly effective in most conditions, it may require adjustments in extreme situations or on unfamiliar greens.

When compared to other putting methods, AimPoint stands out for its scientific approach and proven success among top professional golfers.

Overall, AimPoint putting offers golfers a valuable tool for improving their putting performance, although it may require dedication and practice to fully utilize its benefits.


In conclusion, AimPoint putting is a highly effective technique that offers numerous benefits and advantages for golfers of all skill levels.

It provides a systematic approach to green reading, allowing players to accurately gauge the speed and physics of putting.

AimPoint is trusted and used by top players in the golfing industry and is legal in both casual rounds and competitive events.

By integrating AimPoint into existing putting routines, golfers can improve their scores and increase their chances of successful putts.

The cost of AimPoint lessons may vary, but the investment is well worth the improvement in putting skills.