What To Buy To Start Golfing (What Equipment Do You Need?)

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Table of Contents

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the equipment required to start golfing.

It discusses the various types of golf clubs, golf balls, golf accessories, and golf attire that beginners should consider.

The article advises beginners to start with a complete set of clubs that includes a driver, woods, irons, wedges, and putter and highlights the importance of using appropriate golf balls based on skill level.

It also emphasizes the need for essential golf accessories such as ball markers, tees, golf bags, and golf towels.

Additionally, the article provides additional tips and information to enhance the golfing experience.

Golf Clubs

Different types of golf clubs, such as drivers, fairway woods, irons, and wedges, are essential for players to effectively navigate various situations on the golf course. The selection of the right golf club depends on factors such as the player’s skill level, swing style, and the distance and accuracy required for a particular shot.

Golf club fitting, which takes into account factors like shaft length, flex, and grip size, can help players optimize their performance. Upgrading golf clubs can also provide benefits through advancements in golf club technology.

Golf Balls

Two-piece golf balls are recommended for beginners due to their distance and durability.

When choosing the right golf balls, beginners should consider different types designed for different player abilities.

To save money, second-hand options can be considered.

It is important to mark your balls with a unique logo for identification purposes.

As your swing improves, you can upgrade to three-, four, or five-piece balls to enhance your game.

Golf Accessories

Various golf accessories are essential for a comfortable and well-equipped golfing experience. Personalized ball markers allow players to mark the position of their ball with a unique logo or design.

Plastic tees are recommended for better shots and reduced risk of out-of-bounds balls.

Spikeless golf shoes provide versatility, traction, and support on rough terrain.

Golf towel hygiene is important for maintaining cleanliness and comfort during the game.

Dress code requirements, including collared shirts, slacks or shorts, and golf shoes, vary among golf clubs.

Golf Bag

The golf bag serves as the essential storage unit for all the necessary clubs and accessories during a game on the course. To help you understand the importance of this equipment, consider the following:

  1. Bag features: Look for bags with multiple pockets, dividers, and sturdy construction to accommodate clubs and other items.
  2. Types of golf bags: Choose from stand bags, cart bags, and carry bags, depending on your playing style and preferences.
  3. Choosing the right bag size: Consider the number of clubs you have and the extra gear you want to carry to ensure the bag is the right size.
  4. Budget-friendly bag options: Explore options that offer good quality at an affordable price, such as previously owned bags or discounted models.
  5. Organizing your golf bag: Use dividers and pockets to separate and organize your clubs, accessories, and personal items for easy access and convenience.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes play a crucial role in providing comfort, stability, and traction on the golf course. When choosing the right golf shoes, it is important to consider the different types available, such as spiked and spikeless.

Spikeless golf shoes offer benefits such as versatility and ease of maintenance. To maintain golf shoes, it is recommended to clean them regularly and store them in a cool, dry place.

Popular golf shoe brands include Nike, FootJoy, and Adidas.

Golf Towels

Golf towels serve multiple purposes on the golf course, including cleaning clubs, wiping sweat, and drying hands. There are different types of golf towels available, each with its own benefits.

It is important to properly clean and maintain golf towels to ensure their longevity. Having both a wet and dry towel is essential for maintaining hygiene and comfort during the game.

Golf towels can be personalized in creative ways, and they can greatly enhance the overall golfing experience.

Golf Clothes

Proper attire on the golf course includes a collared shirt, slacks, skirt or shorts, and golf shoes, with the addition of a glove to improve grip. Choosing the right attire for golfing is important to adhere to dress codes at different golf clubs.

Golf fashion trends may influence clothing choices. Additionally, proper golf shoes are crucial for stability and traction on the course.

Wearing a golf glove provides benefits such as improved grip and control during swings.

Additional Tips and Information

Dress codes at golf clubs may vary, so it is advisable to familiarize oneself with the specific requirements of each club to ensure compliance with their regulations.

When starting golf, it is important to have the necessary equipment. Here are some additional tips and information to enhance the golfing experience:

  1. Proper attire is essential for golf, including a collared shirt, slacks, skirt or shorts, and golf shoes.
  2. Personalized ball markers add a touch of personality and help identify your ball.
  3. Spikeless golf shoes offer versatility, good traction, and support.
  4. When buying used golf equipment, consider the condition, brand reputation, and price.

Additionally, choosing the right golf bag is crucial for storing and transporting your equipment.


In conclusion, starting golfing requires the right equipment to enhance the overall experience. A complete set of golf clubs, including a driver, woods, irons, wedges, and putter, is recommended for beginners.

Two-piece golf balls are ideal for beginners due to their distance and durability, while advanced players can opt for three, four, or five-piece balls.

Proper golf accessories such as ball markers, tees, golf bags, and towels should be used, along with appropriate golf attire and shoes. Carrying a golf pencil and an umbrella can also be beneficial.

By investing in the right equipment, beginners can enjoy a more fulfilling golfing journey.

What equipment do you need to start golfing?

This article provides a comprehensive guide on the essential equipment needed to start golfing. It highlights the importance of having different types of golf clubs for various situations on the course and the benefits of club fitting. The article also discusses the significance of choosing the right golf balls based on player abilities and the advantages of upgrading as skills improve. Additionally, it covers the importance of golf accessories like personalized ball markers, plastic tees, spikeless golf shoes, and proper dress code. Lastly, the article emphasizes the factors to consider when selecting a golf bag and the features to look for in golf shoes.