Chipping Drills For Golf

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If you want to improve your golf game and lower your scores, then chipping is a skill that you cannot afford to neglect.

While hitting long drives may be exhilarating, it is the ability to get up-and-down when you miss the green that truly separates scratch golfers from the rest.

To enhance your chipping game, it is recommended that you dedicate at least one hour per week for three weeks to practice.

Luckily, there are several effective chipping drills that can help you refine your technique.

The Y or Triangle Chipping Drill focuses on achieving the perfect arm and club shaft position, while the Hula Hoop Chipping Drill challenges you to chip within a hula hoop distance of the hole.

The Trail Hand Release Chipping Drill prevents flipping of the trail hand, and the Chip-a-Coin Chipping Drill improves your contact and accuracy.

The Slam Dunk Chipping Drill teaches you to hit precise distances, and the Par 18 Chipping Game adds an element of fun and competition to your practice sessions.

Lastly, the 10 x 10 Chipping Drill helps you master distances from 10-100 yards for more consistent scoring.

By prioritizing your chipping skills and incorporating these drills into your practice routine, you will undoubtedly see a significant improvement in your short game and ultimately lower your scores on the course.

Chipping Fundamentals

To truly excel in golf, you must prioritize your short game and commit to improving your chipping skills, as it’ll save you strokes and lead to a more enjoyable and stress-free experience on the course.

One of the fundamental aspects of chipping is having a proper grip. This allows for better control and feel of the club during the swing.

Additionally, understanding how to control the trajectory of your chip shots is crucial for success. By adjusting the angle of the clubface and the length of your backswing, you can vary the height and distance of your chips.

It’s also important to avoid common chipping mistakes such as decelerating through impact or scooping the ball. These errors can lead to inconsistent and inaccurate shots.

Choosing the right club for chipping is another key factor. Depending on the distance and lie, you may opt for a pitching wedge, sand wedge, or even a hybrid club.

Lastly, it’s essential to develop strategies for chipping from different lies and slopes. By adjusting your setup, swing, and club selection, you can effectively navigate challenging situations and improve your chances of getting up and down.

Triangle Chipping Drill

The Y or Triangle Chipping Drill focuses on creating a lowercase y shape with your arms and the club shaft, helping improve your short game skills. This drill is designed to address the triangle chipping technique, which is crucial for consistent and accurate chip shots.

One of the most common chipping mistakes is improper setup. By practicing the triangle chipping technique, you’ll learn the correct hand and body position, ensuring a solid foundation for your chip shots.

Another benefit of the triangle chipping drill is that it helps you develop chipping strategies for different lies. Whether you’re faced with a tight lie or a fluffy lie, mastering the triangle chipping technique will allow you to adapt and make the necessary adjustments for each situation.

Lastly, practicing chipping regularly using the triangle chipping drill will lead to improved short game skills, lower scores, and a greater sense of confidence around the greens. So commit to spending time each week on this drill and watch your chipping game soar.

Hula Hoop Chipping Drill

Mastering the Hula Hoop Chipping Drill will enhance your short game skills, allowing you to chip with precision and accuracy. This drill is designed to improve your chipping accuracy, distance control, and overall chipping technique.

The key to success in this drill is to chip the ball within the hula hoop size distance of the hole. By practicing this drill, you’ll develop a better understanding of how to control your chip shots and consistently chip the ball close to the target.

The hula hoop acts as a visual aid, helping you gauge the distance and trajectory of your chips. With regular practice, you’ll improve your chipping consistency and be able to confidently execute precise chip shots on the golf course.

Trail Hand Release Drill

By practicing the Trail Hand Release Drill, you’ll improve your short game technique and prevent flipping of the trail hand before impact. The trail hand, also known as the right hand for right-handed golfers, plays a crucial role in chipping.

To execute this drill, start by gripping the club with your trail hand in a comfortable position, ensuring that your fingers are securely wrapped around the grip. As you swing the club, focus on maintaining control and rotation with your trail hand. Avoid any excessive movement or flipping of the hand, as this can lead to inconsistent strikes and poor contact with the ball.

Instead, aim for a smooth release technique that allows the clubface to stay square through impact. With practice, the Trail Hand Release Drill will enhance your chipping skills and help you achieve more consistent and accurate shots around the green.

Chip-a-Coin Drill

Practicing the Chip-a-Coin Drill feels like playing a game of target practice as you aim to chip a coin into the air with precision and accuracy. This drill is designed to improve your coin accuracy, contact, chipping technique, distance control, and precision chipping.

To begin, set up a small coin on the ground, approximately 3-5 feet away from you. Take your chipping stance and focus on making clean contact with the ball, sending it up into the air and towards the coin. The goal is to chip the coin into the air, landing it softly on the green.

This drill not only helps you develop the ability to hit the coin consistently, but it also promotes a consistent and controlled chipping motion. By practicing the Chip-a-Coin Drill regularly, you will enhance your ability to chip with accuracy and precision, leading to improved short game performance and lower scores on the course.

Slam Dunk Chipping Drill

Get ready to take your short game to the next level with the Slam Dunk Chipping Drill. It’s time to up your chipping game and start sinking those shots like a pro! The Slam Dunk technique focuses on chipping accuracy, distance control, consistency, and performing under pressure.

To execute this drill, imagine the hole as a basketball hoop and aim to ‘dunk’ the ball into it with your chip shots. This visualization helps you develop a precise touch and the ability to hit exact distances with your chips and pitches.

By practicing the Slam Dunk Chipping Drill, you’ll sharpen your skills in chipping accuracy, allowing you to consistently get up-and-down around the green. This drill is a game-changer for your short game, enabling you to confidently handle any chipping situation on the course.

Par 18 Chipping Game

Mastering the Par 18 Chipping Game will transform your short game skills and give you the confidence to conquer any chipping situation on the course.

This competitive chipping game is designed to enhance your chipping strategy and improve your scoring. The objective is to chip from various locations around the green and try to get up and down in 18 strokes or less. It’s a challenging yet fun way to practice your short game and target accuracy.

The Par 18 Chipping Game forces you to think strategically and choose the right shot for each situation. It tests your ability to control distance, trajectory, and spin. By practicing this game regularly, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of different chip shots and their outcomes. You’ll also learn how to adapt to different lies and green speeds, which are crucial skills for scoring improvement.

In addition to honing your chipping skills, the Par 18 Chipping Game helps you handle pressure situations on the course. The competitive nature of the game simulates real playing conditions and prepares you for those clutch moments when you need to execute a precise chip shot.

Make the Par 18 Chipping Game a regular part of your short game practice routine, and you’ll see significant improvements in your chipping accuracy and overall scoring.

10 x 10 Chipping Drill

Improve your short game accuracy and bring joy to your golfing experience with the exhilarating 10 x 10 Chipping Drill. This drill is designed to help you dial in distances from 10 to 100 yards, resulting in better scoring on the course.

To excel at this drill, you must focus on distance control, trajectory control, club selection, body alignment, grip, and setup. By honing your distance control, you’ll be able to consistently hit the ball the desired distance, giving you greater confidence on the greens.

Trajectory control is crucial to ensure the ball lands softly and stops quickly, minimizing the chances of overshooting the hole. Proper club selection, body alignment, grip, and setup are essential to executing precise chips and pitches.

By dedicating time to the 10 x 10 Chipping Drill, you’ll see significant improvements in your short game and lower your scores on the golf course.


In conclusion, mastering the art of chipping in golf is essential for achieving lower scores on the course. By dedicating at least one hour a week for three weeks to practice and incorporating various chipping drills, you can greatly improve your short game.

The Y or Triangle Chipping Drill, Hula Hoop Chipping Drill, Trail Hand Release Chipping Drill, Chip-a-Coin Chipping Drill, Slam Dunk Chipping Drill, Par 18 Chipping Game, and 10 x 10 Chipping Drill are all effective methods to enhance your chipping skills.

So, get out there, practice diligently, and watch your scores plummet!