What Putters Do the Pros Use?

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In the precision-driven world of professional golf, selecting the right putter is paramount.

This article offers an analytical examination of the putters preferred by the sport’s elite, exploring the dominance of brands like Scotty Cameron and the technological advancements of competitors.

We investigate the nuanced design choices and their impact on performance, providing an authoritative perspective on the putters that have become synonymous with success on the greens.

Join us as we unlock the secrets behind the pros’ putter preferences.

Popular Putter Brands

Several top professional golfers on the PGA Tour favor putters from esteemed brands such as Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, and Ping.

These pros’ preferred putter brands reflect current putter design trends, emphasizing customization options and a meticulous putter fitting process.

The discernible impact of putter technology on performance drives the adoption of advanced designs, with a focus on precision, feel, and reliability.

Putter Design Variations

Professional golfers’ choices in putters reflect a diverse range of design variations, catering to individual preferences and playing styles.

  1. Weight distribution is meticulously engineered for balance and feel, influencing stroke path.
  2. Alignment aids range from simple lines to intricate designs, assisting in accurate putter face orientation.
  3. Insert technology and MOI (Moment of Inertia) enhance forgiveness, while putter customization allows for tailored specifications.

Scotty Cameron Dominance

Amidst the myriad of design variations preferred by golf professionals, the dominance of Scotty Cameron putters on the PGA Tour has persisted over time, underpinned by meticulous weight distribution and high-quality craftsmanship.

The putters’ features, including superior performance and extensive customization options, contribute to their popularity.

Success stories of tour victories further cement the brand’s esteemed position, underscoring the precision and reliability inherent in Scotty Cameron designs.

Odyssey Putter Technology

Why do many pros opt for Odyssey putters on the greens? Odyssey putter technology stands at the forefront with its persistent innovations and advancements. Here’s why:

  1. Insert Technology: The insert technology is engineered to deliver exceptional feel and a true roll.
  2. Shaft Options: Precision shaft options are developed to enhance stroke consistency across various putting styles.
  3. Mallet Designs: Mallet putters are crafted to offer increased forgiveness and stability, aiding performance under pressure.

Ping’s Influence

Building on the innovation seen in Odyssey putters, Ping’s impact on professional golf is equally significant, with its putters being a staple in the bags of many top players due to their precision engineering and performance.

Ping’s innovation catalyzed the mallet putter trend, offering pros’ preferred models with extensive customization options. These putters consistently demonstrate exceptional performance on tour, underscoring Ping’s influential role in the evolution of golf equipment.

Pros’ Putter Selection

The selection of a putter by professional golfers is a meticulous process that often involves considering the intricate balance between personal comfort, putting style, and the technological advancements offered by top brands like Ping.

  1. Pros’ putter preferences are shaped by detailed analyses of putter head design and balance.
  2. Pros’ putter fitting includes precision measurements for optimal length, lie angle, and weight.
  3. Pros’ putter customization may involve specific grip choices and alignment aids to enhance pros’ putter stroke techniques.

Grip Styles and Preferences

How do professional golfers choose their putter grips?

Pros’ grip preferences are informed by meticulous analysis of different grip styles. They evaluate the benefits of cross-handed grip and the advantages of the claw grip for stability.

What preferences do they exhibit when it comes to the texture, thickness, and style of the grip to enhance their putting performance?

In addition to grip styles, professional golfers consider variations in grip pressure. They aim for a precise and repeatable stroke.

Winning Putters of 2020-2021

During the 2020-2021 PGA Tour season, many tournament winners wielded Scotty Cameron putters, emphasizing the brand’s dominance in professional golf.

  1. Putter Customization Options: Pros opt for tailored weight and balance to match their stroke.
  2. Pros’ Preferred Putter Lengths: Custom lengths ensure optimal stance and swing mechanics.
  3. Insert Technology in Winning Putters: Soft feel and consistent roll from multi-material inserts are crucial for tour-level precision.


In conclusion, the dominance of certain brands within professional golf, particularly Scotty Cameron, reflects a confluence of craftsmanship, technological innovation, and player trust.

While preferences vary, the success of putters is ultimately measured by performance metrics on the greens. The interplay between putter design, grip style, and individual technique underscores the importance of personalized equipment in achieving top-tier results.

The putters that have defined victories in 2020-2021 exemplify the synergy between golfer and gear, a testament to precision engineering meeting the art of putting.

What putters do the pros use?

Professional golfers on the PGA Tour prefer popular putter brands such as Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, and Ping. These brands offer current design trends, customization options, advanced technology, and key factors like precision, feel, and reliability. Putters with diverse design variations, balanced weight distribution, alignment aids, insert technology, and customization options are favored by pros. Scotty Cameron putters have dominated the PGA Tour for their meticulous weight distribution, customization options, and superior performance. Odyssey putters are popular for their innovative insert technology, precision shaft options, and mallet designs. Ping putters have made a significant impact with their precision engineering, customization options, and influential role in the mallet putter trend.