Best Golf Drills With Household Items

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In the current era of the pandemic, golfers have the opportunity to enhance their skills through the practice of golf drills within the confines of their homes.

The foundation of consistent putting performance lies in the mastery of fundamental techniques, such as executing a straight back and straight through stroke. For longer distance putts, a slight inside arch may be employed, while the initial few inches of the backstroke and follow-through should remain linear. The train track drill, utilizing alignment sticks or golf clubs, serves as an effective means to refine the straight stroke.

Optimal putting involves the integration of rhythm and control, with the utilization of the shoulders to propel the putter in a rocking motion. Chipping drills concentrate on the refinement of speed and distance control, whereas the towel drill offers an avenue to practice accurate ball placement. Achieving balance in chipping is crucial, and the one-leg balance drill can be readily practiced at home to enhance this aspect.

Full swing drills emphasize the attainment of a proper takeaway and the regulation of the backswing. By engaging in these drills at home, golfers can sustain and augment their abilities during the pandemic.

Putting Drills

The importance of a straight back and straight-through stroke, along with the use of alignment sticks or golf clubs in the train track drill, can help improve the consistency and accuracy of putting.

Putting rhythm, target practice, grip technique, distance control, and alignment and aim are key aspects to consider.

Developing a smooth and consistent stroke, along with proper alignment and aim, can greatly enhance a golfer’s putting performance.

Chipping Drills

Speed and distance control are important factors to consider when practicing chipping. To improve chipping accuracy and distance control, there are several key techniques to master.

These include:

  • Mastering the flop shot, which requires a high trajectory and soft landing.
  • Controlling spin on chip shots to stop the ball closer to the hole.
  • Developing a consistent chipping rhythm for better shot execution.
  • Increasing chipping distance control to accurately gauge the amount of power needed for each shot.

Full Swing Drills

Achieving a proper takeaway in the golf swing can be enhanced through the use of props such as tennis balls and soccer balls. These props can help improve swing tempo, follow-through technique, club face control, weight transfer, and generating power. By holding the balls in place while making a parallel takeaway and moving the club with only the shoulders, golfers can avoid dropping the props and achieve a perfect takeaway in their swing. This drill also helps improve balance and positioning.

Drill StepsBenefitsTips
Use tennis balls and soccer balls as propsEnhances swing tempoHold the balls in place while making a parallel takeaway
Move the club with only the shouldersImproves follow through techniqueAvoid dropping the props
Achieve a perfect takeaway in the swingEnhances club face controlFocus on maintaining a smooth and controlled movement
Improve balance and positioningFacilitates weight transferPractice with proper alignment and posture
Generate power in the swingDevelops power and distanceFollow through with full extension of the arms

Improving Balance and Positioning

Improving balance and positioning in golf can be enhanced through specific drills that focus on weight transfer, proper alignment, and posture. To achieve better stability and balance on the golf course, golfers can incorporate the following exercises and techniques:

  • Stability exercises: Engaging in exercises that target the muscles responsible for balance and stability, such as single-leg squats or balance board exercises.
  • Weight transfer techniques: Practicing shifting weight from the back foot to the front foot during the swing to optimize power and control.
  • Body alignment tips: Pay attention to proper alignment of the feet, hips, and shoulders to ensure a more efficient and accurate swing.
  • Core strength exercises: Strengthening the core muscles, including the abdominals and lower back, to improve stability and rotational power in the golf swing.
  • Balance drills: Incorporating drills that challenge balance and proprioception, such as standing on one leg or using a stability ball during practice sessions.

Achieving a Perfect Takeaway

A crucial aspect of the golf swing involves initiating the club’s movement away from the ball. To achieve a perfect takeaway technique and proper club takeaway, a parallel takeaway drill can be utilized. This drill involves holding a tennis ball and a soccer ball in place while making the takeaway motion, using only the shoulders to move the club, and avoiding dropping the props. By practicing this drill, golfers can achieve a consistent and controlled takeaway in their swing.

Takeaway Drill
Hold tennis ball and soccer ball in place
Make parallel takeaway using only shoulders
Avoid dropping the props

This drill helps golfers achieve a perfect takeaway technique and develop the necessary muscle memory for a consistent swing.

Enhancing Distance Control in Chipping

Enhancing distance control in chipping requires focused practice and proper technique. To improve your chipping game, consider the following techniques and strategies:

  • Controlling trajectory in chipping
  • Chipping with different club selections
  • Utilizing bounce in chipping technique
  • Incorporating spin in chip shots
  • Mastering the flop shot in chipping

Practicing a straight-putting stroke

The straight putting stroke can be practiced using alignment sticks or golf clubs in the train track drill.

Putting alignment, rhythm, tempo, grip and hand position, straight backswing, and follow-through consistency are crucial elements to focus on.

The train track drill helps to ensure a straight stroke by using alignment sticks or golf clubs as guides.

Maintaining a consistent rhythm and tempo, along with proper grip and hand position, will contribute to a more accurate and controlled putting stroke.

Additionally, emphasizing a straight backswing and consistent follow-through will further enhance cutting performance.

Golf Drills at Home During Self-Isolation

Engaging in golf drills at home during self-isolation can be an effective way to maintain and improve one’s golf skills. Here are five key areas to focus on during these practice sessions:

  • Creative practice: Use household objects as training aids to simulate golf shots and improve technique.
  • Mental game: Incorporate visualization exercises to enhance focus and mental imagery during practice.
  • Fitness drills: Implement exercises to improve strength and flexibility, which are crucial for a powerful and consistent golf swing.
  • Short game focus: Master the chip and run shot, a versatile technique that can lower scores and save strokes around the green.
  • Shot shaping: Practice fade and draw shots to develop control over ball flight and enhance shot-making abilities.


In conclusion, practicing golf drills at home during self-isolation can be an effective way to maintain and improve golf skills. By focusing on fundamentals such as a straight putting stroke, distance control in chipping, and achieving a good takeaway in the full swing, golfers can continue to work on their game even without access to a golf course.

Additionally, drills that improve balance and positioning can further enhance performance. With the use of household items, golfers can stay engaged and continue to develop their skills during the current pandemic situation.

What are some effective golf drills that can be done with household items?

This article provides a variety of golf drills that can be done at home using household items. It covers drills for putting, chipping, full swing, improving balance and positioning, as well as miscellaneous golf tips. The drills focus on various aspects of the game such as stroke technique, distance control, spin control, and body alignment. Whether it’s using alignment sticks, tennis balls, or stability exercises, these drills offer practical ways to improve your golf skills without needing to be on the course.